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UNREC handed over firearms marking machines to the Government of Togo

marquagelomeOn 14 August 2019, UNREC Handed over two (02) Couth MC 2000 firearms marking machines to the Government of Togo trough the Togolese Minister for Security and Protection of Civilians in a formal ceremony attended by the Ambassador of Japan.

This ceremony marked the launch of the Arms marking process in the framework of the project entitled ‘Technical Assistance for Physical Security and Stockpile Management, Marking and Destruction of Small Arms and Light Weapons and Related Ammunitions in Togo’. The Project is implemented by the United Nations Regional Centre for Peace and Disarmament (UNREC), the African Centre of the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs (ODA), with the financial support of the Government of Japan.The ceremony was chaired by the Minister for Security and Protection of Civilians, in the presence of the President of the Togolease National Commission on Small Arms (CNLPAL), the Ambassador of Japan to the Togolese Republic, the Resident Coordinator of the United Nations System in Togo and other United Nations entities.

The marking machines will enable national defense and security forces to undertake the marking of Civilian and State-Owned weapons presented to them nationwide in order to reduce the illicit proliferation and circulation of weapons in Togo and help improve security and stability in West-Africa.

The State of Japan, through its Ambassador to the Republic of Togo, has reiterated its support for the Togolese Government in its fight against insecurity, which tends to undermine its development efforts and threatens people lives.


On 7 August 2019, prior to this ceremony, the Government of Togo, through its National Commission on Small Arms and in collaboration with UNREC, organized an awareness campaign ahead of the Arms marking process in three main regions: The Eastern Plateau, the Western Plateau and the Maritime regions.

The meeting brought together, prefects security, customers, administrative and customary chiefs around two main topics:

  1. Exchanges and information sharing between the National Commission, the regional authorities and committees on current security issues.
  2. Awareness campaign in preparation of the physical security and stock management, weapons marking and destruction of obsolete weapons and their ammunition in Togo.

The collective nature of the fight for peace and security at local, national and regional levels with regard to the proliferation of SALW was discussed. It has been highlighted that the National Development Programme advocated by the government cannot work unless security is established beforehand.

Participants decided to make the fight against the proliferation of small arms and light weapons, their priority in each of their areas of influence to ensure peace, social and economic development for their citizens.