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Bienvenue au Centre de ressources en ligne UNREC où vous trouverez des liens utiles et les dernières ressources sur des sujets de désarmament et de la non-prolifération


    • Instruments

      • International Instruments

           Report of the United Nations Conference on the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects
           UN Programme of Action on SALW
      • Regional and sub-regional Instruments

           Protocol on the control of firearms, Ammunition and other related materials in the SADC Region
           Nairobi Protocol
           ECOWAS convention on SALW
           Bamako Declaration in African Common Position on the illicit Proliferation, Circulation and Trafficking of SALW
           ECOWAS Protocol on the Proliferation of SALW, their munitions and related Material
           Kinshasa Convention on Small Arms and light Weapons
    • Technical control standards

      • IATG

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      • International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS)

           Stockpile Management of Weapons
    • Other Resources

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  • Instruments

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      Aucun document enregistré dans cette catégorie
  • UN General Assembly Resolutions on UNREC

       Review and implementation of the Concluding Document of the Twelfth Special Session of the General Assembly: UNREC 21 October 2019
       Resolution adopted by the General Assembly on 7 December 2015 [on the report of the First Committee (A/70/461)]
       Resolution adopted by the General Assembly [on the report of the First Committee (A/67/410)] December 2012
       Resolution adopted by the General Assembly on 2 December 2011 [Sixty-sixth session Agenda item 99(a)]
       Resolution adopted by the General Assembly on 2 December 2011 [Sixty-sixth session Agenda item 99(b)]
       Review and implementation of the Concluding Document of the Twelfth Special Session of the General Assembly: UNREC
  • UN Secretary General Reports ON UNREC

       UN Secretary General Report 2019
       UN Secretary General Report 2018
       UN Secretary General Report 2017
       UN Secretary General Report 2016
       UN Secretary General Report 2015
       UN Secretary General Report 2014
       UN Secretary General Report 2013
       UN Secretary General Report 2012
       UN Secretary General Report 2011
       UN Secretary General Report 2009
       UN Secretary General Report 2008
       UN Secretary General Report 2007
       UN Secretary General Report 2006
       UN Secretary General Report 2005
       UN Secretary General Report 2004
       UN Secretary General Report 2003
       UN Secretary General Report 2002
       UN Secretary General Report 2001
       UN Secretary General Report 2000
       UN Secretary General Report 1999
       UN Secretary General Report 1998
       UN Secretary General Report 1997
       UN Secretary General Report 1996
       UN Secretary General Report 1995

       UNREC FOCUS N 35 June 2019
       UNREC FOCUS N34 February 2019
       UNREC FOCUS N33 October 2018
       UNREC FOCUS N32 June 2018
       UNREC FOCUS N 31 January 2018
       UNREC FOCUS N 30 September 2017
       UNREC FOCUS N 29 July 2016
       UNREC FOCUS N 28 November 2015
       UNREC FOCUS N 27 September 2015
       UNREC FOCUS N 26-UNREC's Activities on the Marking and Registration of SALW in the West-African Sub-Region
       UNREC FOCUS N 25 May 2015
       UNREC FOCUS N 24 December 2014
       UNREC FOCUS N 23 August 2014
       UNREC FOCUS N 22 May 2014
       UNREC FOCUS N 21 January 2014
       UNREC FOCUS N 20 July 2013
       UNREC FOCUS N 19 April 2013
       UNREC FOCUS N 18 December 2012
       UNREC FOCUS N 17 July 2012
       UNREC FOCUS N 16 April 2012
       UNREC FOCUS N 15 November 2011
       UNREC FOCUS N 14 July 2011
       UNREC FOCUS N 13-Central Africra Common position on the Arms trade Treaty
       UNREC FOCUS N 12 March 2011
       UNREC FOCUS N 10 October 2010
       UNREC FOCUS N 8 August 2010
       UNREC FOCUS N 6 June 2010
       UNREC FOCUS N 5 April 2010
       UNREC FOCUS N 4 April 2010
       UNREC FOCUS N 2 September 2009

       UNREC Fact Sheet July 2019
       UNREC Fact Sheet January 2019
       UNREC Fact Sheet July 2018
       30th Anniversary of the Regional Centres for Peace and Disarmament
       UNREC Fact Sheet January 2017
       UNREC Fact Sheet January 2016
       30th Anniversary of the UN Regional Centre for Peace and Disarmament in Africa(UNREC)
       The Implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution1540(2004) in Africa
       Physical Security and Stockpile Management (PSSM) in SAHEL
       Project Counter Terrorism Implementation Task Force (CTITF) in the Lake Chad basin
       Mapping Arms Trade Trade-Relevant Cooperation and Assistance Activities in Sub-Saharan Africa

       Assessment Survey on Small Arms in the Sahel Region and Neighboring Countries (2017)
       Paper in support of the AU Extradiordinary Summit on Maritime Security and Safety and Development in Africa
       UNREC and its partners' contribution to the United Nations Integrated Strategy for the Sahel
       Technical Assistance to the Government of Mali in Controlling Small Arms and Light Weapons(2014-2016)
       Synergies and Complementarities between the Arms Trade Treaty, the ECOWAS Convention on SALW, the UNPoA and Other Related Instruments
       Formation pour les organisations de la société civile en désarmement pratique et édification de la paix en Afrique de l'Ouest
       Gender Dimension on the Arms Trade Treaty (2015)
       Plan d Action National de Lutte contre la Proliferation des ALPC au Mali 2014-2018
       Guide de forces de securite sur le maintien de l'ordre en periode electorale
       Guide for the Harmonization of National SALW Legislations in West Africa
       Guide de processus de gestion des stocks des ALPC et leurs munitions
       Training Manual on Practical Disarmament and Peacebuilding in West Africa
       Final Project report: Regulating Small Arms Brokering in Eastern Africa
       Activity Report: Small Arms Transparency and Control Regime in Africa (SATCRA)
       Report: Austrian Assistance for the Control of SALW in Africa
       Report on Security Sector Reform Activities in Togo

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